CEO's Message

CEO's Message

Dear valued community,

I am thrilled to introduce Evexia, a pioneering concept solely focused on daycare surgery, bringing a new era of more accessible, modernised, and convenient healthcare. Our mission is to leverage advancements in surgery, anaesthesia, and analgesia and forge partnerships with renowned doctors to establish a sustainable and scalable model that provides the highest quality care accessible to all. 

At the heart of Evexia is the patient experience. We understand that healthcare can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Therefore, we are committed to providing a positive patient experience with personalised care, user friendly technology, and comfortable amenities. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every patient one hand receives safe and the best quality treatment and, on the other hand, does not face the hassles and nervousness of getting treated at a big hospital.

One of the key benefits of daycare surgery is that it allows patients to have same-day surgery, which means they can return to their homes and daily routines quickly. Functionally, this approach helps him to get back to his daily routine faster. Scientifically, this reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections and complications, has often been reported during extended hospital stays.

We are proud to bring a new healthcare concept and look forward to serving our patients and their families.


Abhik Roy, CPHQ®